Wedding Planning | My Top 7 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding

Wedding Planning | My Top 7 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding

As a wedding photographer, I’ve been fortunate enough to celebrate with over 100 couples on their wedding day. Through this experience, I’ve learned a few things about how to ensure your wedding day is stress free.

Here are my top 7 wedding planning tips to help you ensure your wedding day flows smoothly!


1. A Padded Timeline

Allowing 50% more time for hair, makeup and travel than you originally anticipated alleviates the number one reason wedding schedules end up running late. This will assure you have plenty of time for all the portraits you want to take before the wedding.

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2. The Golden Hour

The best time to get those dreamy, beautiful, soft-lit portraits you see all over wedding blogs is an hour or two before sunset. Pictures taken in mid-day sun will often have a very different look and feel. If it’s not possible to dedicate that time to photography, try to schedule in at least 15 minutes so you can get the best pictures possible!

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The Crescent Beach Club Wedding

3. Family Photos

Only take photos of family combinations that are important to you during the formal family pictures. If you have a large family and are worried about squeezing the additional combinations during the day, I recommend doing larger groups or extended family during dinner or the reception—that way everyone will be in one place and your MC can help gather them for a quick picture.

4. The First Look

It’s no longer considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. If you see each other earlier in the day, you can arrange to have many of your formal photographs before the ceremony. Getting this done early frees up time later to spend with your guests.

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5. Airbnb instead of Hotel

If you’re not planning on getting ready at your venue, I recommend booking an Airbnb rather than a hotel. The decor and natural light are often much better for pictures, and there’s often plenty of room to include all of your friends and family.

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6. Rain Plan

Make sure you discuss a “rain plan” with your venue just in case Mother Nature doesn’t see sunshine in the cards. Check out what Breeann had to say about rain on her wedding day here.

On that same note, try not to get too caught up worrying about rain. Even if it does rain on your wedding day, it’s usually for short periods of time and rarely throughout the entire day itself. Believe it or not, clouds actually make for great wedding pictures!

The Harbor Club at Prime Wedding

7. Don’t Forget to Enjoy!

Don’t forget to eat and drink water during the wedding! Have food delivered to your getting-ready location. It may be hectic, but take the time to have a bite before the wedding since it will be awhile before you have the opportunity to eat during the reception.



A solid foundation to your wedding day will ensure that you, your family and your friends are able to focus on what matters most—enjoying the day and having an amazing time!