5 Great Questions to Ask Potential Wedding Photographers

5 Great Questions to Ask Potential Wedding Photographers

It can be difficult to come up with the right questions to ask potential photographers in your quest to find the perfect one to capture your wedding.

Here are the top questions you’ll want to ask to ensure you’re choosing someone who gets your vision for the day, who’s kind and patient with you and your family, and more.

1. How would you describe your working style?

Photography is an art and every photographer you talk to is going to work very differently. I truly believe great pictures of people have little to do with the equipment and more to do with the photographer’s personality.

Many of the couples that I work with have two main concerns:

  • They want their pictures to have a candid, behind-the-scenes feel and not look stiff or overly posed.
  • They want to make sure their photographer isn’t rude to their family and friends and is easy to get along with on their wedding day.

Both of these are valid concerns and successfully addressing them is my goal when we work together.

I’ve found that simply learning about you and your fiancé as people, not just as clients, is the best way to tackle both of them at once. By getting to know you and focusing on having fun, you’ll naturally loosen up, which leads to candid photographs that don’t feel forced or stiff. On your wedding day, I make it a point to do this with your family and friends, too. That way a natural, relaxed vibe is present in every image.

2. Do you carry backup equipment?

It’s important to know if your wedding photographer carries more than one camera. Professional cameras are designed to be reliable and minimize any potential issues, yet problems can still pop up, so having at least one backup camera is a necessity.

Believe it or not, I usually arrive at a wedding with four cameras! This way no matter what situation I come across, I’m always prepared.

3. Do you edit or retouch the photographs?

As you search the internet for inspiration, I’m sure you’ll come across many amazing images.

Most of the pictures you see have been edited and retouched in professional software to match the photographer’s style.

Editing and retouching can make a huge difference in the quality of a picture. Make sure to find out if your photographer includes this service or charges extra.

For my work, every single photograph delivered has been edited for color, contrast, exposure and more. I make sure to remove any photographs that are overly blurry or where people may be blinking/not look their best, so you’re not overwhelmed with extra photographs you would never use.

Basic retouching is also applied to key photographs, removing flyaway hairs, skin blemishes and distracting background objects, like a fire alarm or exit sign. I am a strong believer in quality over quantity. My goal is to make sure your wedding gallery looks high-end and effortlessly tells your unique wedding story.

4. Can I customize a package to fit my needs?

Every photographer has a different way of presenting their services and pricing. It’s important to know if these packages are flexible to make sure they fit your needs and don’t force you to purchase items you don’t want.

To keep things simple, I make sure my base package contains everything you would need (and want) to properly document your wedding story, with the higher packages including add-ons like albums and other heirloom items.

5. Will we receive digital images?

You’ll likely want digital files from your wedding to share online and store on your computer. Although many photographers do include the digital files in their wedding collections, be sure to double check just to make sure.

I always provide high-resolution, watermark-free digital downloads of the photographs I take during your wedding. These files can be downloaded from your online gallery.

I also understand that although digital files are important, it’s the physical prints and albums that withstand the test of time and that are ultimately shared and passed on. Because of this, my higher packages contain albums and additional heirloom products.


I hope that helps you on your journey to find the perfect wedding photographer! If you’re looking for more advice, here’s an article that contains the top 3 skills your wedding photographer should bring to your wedding.



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