An Intimate Paris Adventure | Francesca & Brendan

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Francesca & Brendan are from Atlanta, Georgia. They are both frequent travelers who love to see the world. Francesca talks about their relationship:

On how they met

“Brendan and I both attended the University of Notre Dame and graduated the same year. We never met until 4 years later when our sisters — who were roommates — were graduating.

Both of us attended their graduation weekend and hit it off on the dance floor of our old favorite dive bar, Finny’s. Immediately we were attracted to each other’s outgoing personality, fun dance skills, and common interests. We went on our first date just a few days later and subsequently spent the entire summer together getting to know each other and falling in love.”

On getting engaged

I was sure we were going to get engaged the Christmas after we had been dating for a year and a half. I had dropped lots of hints to Brendan about wanting a ring and that we’d need time to plan our wedding since we were dating long distance.

That year I flew down to spend New Years with him. I was ecstatic when he pulled out a small box and asked if I wanted to open my Christmas present. Eagerly I ripped into it and was unpleasantly surprised to find a claddagh ring with our alma-mater emblem on it. He genuinely thought I would love it! We had both gone to Notre Dame and also had gone to Ireland together the year before. Although it was a very thoughtful gift it wasn’t ‘THE ring’ I was hoping for. We got engaged the next year and now we laugh about how eager I was.”


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