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The Wedding Album | An Inside Look

Your wedding album is often your first family heirloom. Although digital images are wonderful, having a physical memory of your wedding that won’t one day disappear on a hard drive is priceless!

Signature Wedding Album Tom Schelling Photography

Hard Drives and Computers Don’t Get Passed Down to Future Generations—Prints and Albums Do

Now more than ever we need to print our photographs.

As technology evolves, our digital memories often disappear with our old devices. Not too long ago it was floppy disks, then it was CDs, then hard drives, now it’s the cloud—who knows how long our memories will remain accessible there, or what will be next?

Your printed album is a tangible, finished piece of artwork that won’t be affected by the rapid change in technology.

Signature Wedding Album Tom Schelling Photography

The Best Stories are Always Kept in Books

The best way to relive your wedding story is through your wedding album. Photographs were meant to live in print and take on a new life when seen on fine art paper.

On your wedding day I approach each scene with the album in mind. Within each scene, I make sure to photograph a variety of different angles—establishing shots, far away shots, close ups, and more.

When you place these individual photographs together within an album spread, the story comes to life—a much different viewing experience than seeing your images in your online gallery.

Signature Wedding Album Tom Schelling Photography

Built to Last

Signature Wedding Album Tom Schelling Photography

Lay-Flat Spreads

A full spread includes the left and right side when laying open. The album spreads are creased in the center for a seamless design, and to allow photographs to be displayed fully within the two pages.

The standard 10×10 album comes with 30 pages. Additional pages can be added.

Signature Wedding Album Tom Schelling Photography

Cover Materials

Choose a cover from genuine Italian leathers, European linens, or Japanese fabrics. Here are a few examples:

Luxe Linen

9 soft colors to compliment your album. These premium linens are woven in the European countryside. You can add foil debossing to your Luxe Linen album for a fine-art finish.


Linen Wedding Album


Luxe Leather

Leather albums embody the timeless, classic look that will always inspire. Choose from several genuine Italian grade leathers.


Leather Wedding Album

Debossing & Cameo Covers

Personalize your album cover with custom gold, silver or rose gold foil debossing.

Signature Wedding Album Tom Schelling Photography


Or opt for a cameo cut-out photograph instead.

Signature Wedding Album Tom Schelling Photography

Album Examples

Check out this short video below to see a few wedding album examples.




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