Wedding Planning Advice from a Recent Bride

I recently had the privilege of photographing Breeann and Brandon’s beautiful wedding in New York. After the wedding, I sat down with Breeann to get her thoughts on  wedding planning and her favorite moments of the day.

How can you be prepared for one of the most exciting days of your life? Here, Breeann shares:

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The best wedding planning advice for a bride:

“This is a difficult question; I have so many pieces of advice I would love to give!

My two best would be to first, focus on what you and your fiancé want while planning the wedding. It can become very stressful and overwhelming listening to the opinions of everyone around you.

It doesn’t matter if Aunt Sue hates outdoor ceremonies, or if your cousin thinks your color scheme is ugly. This day is about the two of you, and no one else. Most importantly your wedding day is meant to celebrate the love between you two.

Don’t stress the small stuff when there are such greater and happier things to focus on.

Secondly, embrace every single second of your big day. The rumors are true; the day is over before you know it!”

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The biggest wedding planning surprise about HER wedding day:

“There weren’t really any shocking surprises that we experienced on the day of our wedding. A pleasant surprise was seeing how perfectly the day fell together, whether we had planned for things to be that way or not.

When things strayed off course a bit (and let me tell you, they will–there’s no avoiding it) it didn’t bring us down at all. We planned for over a year and hoped for a picture–perfect wedding just like any other couple does, but on our wedding day we honestly didn’t care about the centerpieces or the flowers or the cake. What we enjoyed the most was looking around the room and seeing all of our family and friends enjoying themselves.

All of the little details might not have been perfect, but we wanted an unforgettable party and we certainly got one!”

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How to tame those wedding day nerves:

“To be honest, I wasn’t nervous at all. Leading up to my wedding and on the day of, I received a lot of comments about how I was the calmest bride anyone had ever seen.

I knew that I was making one of the best decisions of my life, marrying Brandon, and I was more eager and excited than anything.

Even if there was an ounce of nervousness in me on my wedding day, I’m sure all of the getting ready mimosas would have washed those worries away very quickly!”

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Her favorite photo moment:

“It was pouring outside and Tom had asked us if we wanted to get out in the rain with our umbrellas for some cool group shots, or if we wanted to play it safe and stay dry. Brandon and I turned to our bridal party and left the decision up to them.

Without question, each of them picked up an umbrella and marched out into the rain. Not one of them complained for even a second about being wet or cold.

Everyone laughed and enjoyed themselves, and when Tom asked for a few more minutes of pictures, no one hesitated.

It was such a great feeling knowing that we asked such amazing people to be by our side that day who would do anything to keep the day fun and happy. ”


Which one moment will always stand out to her?

“Our vows. Brandon and I decided to write our own vows, and I’m so happy we did.

We didn’t ramble off the cliché “in sickness and in health” bit. Our words were unique, from the heart, and so incredibly emotional. Everyone listening truly felt and understood our love for each other.

During those few minutes, no one else in the world existed but the two of us. It was so surreal knowing that in a few short moments the man standing before me, my soulmate, would be my husband forever. It was one of the happiest moments of my life.”


What she loved about working with Tom Schelling Photography:

“Tom didn’t have to work hard to impress my husband and I. From our first meeting all the way to our wedding day, he maintained an incredible level of professionalism and expertise.

He made our entire wedding planning process so smooth and simple, giving tips and advice not only on wedding photography, but also on vendors, our wedding day timeline, and so much more. He went above and beyond for us!”


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