5 Tips for Amazing Wedding Photos in DUMBO, Brooklyn

5 Tips for Amazing Wedding Photos in DUMBO, Brooklyn

The area of Brooklyn known as DUMBO (which stands for down under the Manhattan bridge overpass) is an incredible spot to take your wedding and engagement photographs.

If you’re not careful, however, what should have been a dream photo-session could end up being overcrowded and filled with stress.

Here are my top tips to ensure you get the most out of the time you spend taking pictures around the famous Brooklyn Bridge.

Have a Game Plan

There’s plenty of beautiful spots to take pictures in DUMBO—Pebble Beach, the Brooklyn Bridge Park, or even the Brooklyn Bridge itself to name a few. Though these locations are relatively close, you probably wouldn’t want to walk back and forth between them in your high heels and wedding dress!

I recommend talking to your photographer before your wedding to find spots that resonate with your vision and to create a map of where you will go to take pictures. This will ensure there are no surprises, and that you can get the best photographs possible!

Plan Lots of Extra Time for Traffic

New York City is congested—sometimes even driving a short length of two to three miles could take close to an hour!

If you’re planning on having a limo or bus drive you to DUMBO for photographs, I recommend tripling the amount it takes to get there each way. In addition to the usual New York City traffic, large vehicles may not be able to travel on some of the usual roads, which can add a significant amount of travel time.

The Best way to Avoid Crowds

Especially during the warmer months, DUMBO sees traffic from all over the five boroughs as well as Long Island. Trying to cozy up and create a romantic atmosphere between you and your fiancé while hundreds of bystanders look on can be daunting, not to mention it’s almost impossible to get intimate photographs without bystanders in the picture! 

Parking can be difficult on weekend days as well (Saturdays especially are incredibly crowded), and unless you live in Manhattan or Brooklyn, it can be very time consuming to get to the area by public transportation. 

If you’re having your wedding on a Saturday or Sunday but don’t want to deal with the weekend crowds in DUMBO, consider booking a day after session instead. This allows you to take advantage of the gorgeous New York views in your wedding attire without any wedding day time pressure and weekend bystanders.

If you do decide to do a day after session, you’ll have the added benefit of a few additional ways to get the best photographs possible.

Starting at Sunrise

I know it can be difficult to wake up early, (especially in the warmer months, where the sun rises at 5:30 AM) but there are a ton of advantages, especially in congested locations such as DUMBO.

For one, you will have the Brooklyn Bridge all to yourself. This alone is worth drinking two cups of coffee (or more) to be wide awake at sunrise. In fact, it is pretty much the only time possible to get photographs on the Brooklyn Bridge without other people on it. You’ll also have the bonus of beautiful light—the Brooklyn Bridge is one of my favorite spots to watch the sun rise in New York City!


I hope that helps you in your journey to take amazing wedding pictures in DUMBO, Brooklyn! Check out these sessions for some inspiration:

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