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Adirondack Wedding

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

Planning your wedding can be a mix of exhilarating, exciting, exhausting and overwhelming—that’s why a wedding planning checklist is essential. Think of it as a general guide that’ll help you stay organized, avoid unnecessary stress and find more joy in each part of the planning process. This wedding planning checklist is a combination of what […]

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How to Plan an Amazing Adventure Wedding

There’s nothing quite like an adventure wedding. Picture this: You and your fiancé at an amazing location, without the external pressure from family and friends. You get to celebrate your love exactly the way you want to. What is an Adventure Wedding? An adventure wedding (sometimes called an elopement) is all about celebrating your marriage […]

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Looking at her

How to Plan The Perfect Wedding Day Timeline

Creating a wedding-day timeline might not be the most exciting part of your planning, but it’ll have a huge impact on the amount of stress you feel that day. As a wedding photographer (I’ve captured weddings & love stories for over five years now!), I love helping each couple I work with to create their […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Amazing Wedding Photos in DUMBO, Brooklyn

There are lots of incredible spots to take your wedding photos in DUMBO, Brooklyn. If you’re not careful, however, what should have been a dream photo-session could end up being overcrowded and filled with stress. Here are tips to ensure you get the most out of the time you spend taking pictures around the famous […]

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Bear Mountain

The Definitive Guide to Taking Amazing Engagement Photos

Once you’ve picked a date, a photographer and your venue, it’s time to celebrate. Those are some of the toughest decisions in wedding planning and you can cross them off your list—woo-hoo!! It’s time for the fun stuff, like taking engagement photos. Why you should take engagement photos An engagement session is about capturing casual […]

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How to Pick a Wedding Date Arleny

How to Pick a Wedding Date

So you just got engaged—congratulations! While everyone’s probably already asking you, “WHEN’S THE WEDDING?!?!” you might be a little unsure of where to start and how to pick a wedding date. Also: Which season should you get married in? So many questions! Here, a few tips to set you off in the right direction. How […]

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3 Skills to Look For in a Wedding Photographer

Did you know that on your wedding day, you may end up spending more time with your photographer than your family (or even your fiancé 😳)? Wedding photography is unique in that it’s an active part of your wedding day. Unlike other vendors who do most of their work behind the scenes, your photographer will […]

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Bride Getting Ready Portrait

The Essential Guide to Incredible Bride Getting Ready Photos

Your wedding photographer will often begin the day with bride getting-ready photos. This is the part of the day where it all starts to sink in. You’re getting married! You might feel a little nervous (don’t worry, that’s totally normal) and ready to get the day moving. Try to soak it all in though—your wedding day […]

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