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How to Craft the Perfect Wedding Day Timeline

Crafting the perfect wedding day timeline is the best way to avoid wedding day stress! I know this isn’t the most exciting aspect of the day. This is the one thing that can make or break the types of photographs you’re able to capture though. In this post I’ll outline how I would approach a […]

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Do You Need a Wedding Album?

In a world where all of our photographs are stored on our phones and computers, do we really need a wedding album anymore? Check out the video below to see why I believe that albums and prints are more important than ever! 

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Candid Wedding Photos | How to Look Natural

 Although taking photographs on your wedding day is exciting, it can often be nerve-racking as well! Most of us are not used to taking professional photos. Here are a few of my top tips to make sure your wedding photos come out amazing: 1. Look Anywhere Except at the Camera It’s funny, most of […]

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3 Skills Your Wedding Photographer Should Bring to Your Wedding

 With wedding photography, there’s a lot more to consider than just beautiful pictures. Your photographer will be frequently interacting with the people closest to you, and their personality and style will have a big impact on the overall energy and mood of your wedding day. Here are 3 traits I really value as a […]

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3 Tips for Amazing Wedding Photos at Top of the Rock, NYC

The Top of the Rock in NYC’s observation deck is one of the best spots to view the NYC skyline from within Manhattan. If you’re thinking of having your engagement or wedding pictures taken at this iconic location, here are my top tips! 

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4 Ways to Prep for Amazing Engagement Photographs

Once you’ve picked a date, a photographer and your venue, it’s time to celebrate! Those are some of the toughest decisions in wedding planning and you can cross them off your list-—woo-hoo!! It’s time for the fun stuff, like your engagement session. Here are a few tips to ensure your engagement photos come out great: […]

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Which Season Should You Get Married In?

Which season should you get married in? This can be a tough choice as you begin your wedding planning—each season has it’s unique characteristics that will affect not only your wedding pictures, but also the times and locations of where your wedding will take place! Here are things to think about when finalizing your date: […]

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How To Save Money and Still Have Amazing Wedding Flowers

There are many expenses when it comes to wedding planning—it can be hard to prioritize what you want to invest in. Here’s a little tip that can save money and make a huge impact on the way your images turn out: Make your bridal bouquet a big priority!   If you have a gorgeous bouquet, […]

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