Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos | Dave & Erin

There’s no better way to take Brooklyn Bridge Engagement photos than sunrise—it’s amazing seeing the bridge with nobody on it. No traffic, plenty of parking—it’s totally worth it! (aside for the getting up early part, but hey, Starbucks is open!)

There are a lot of great spots within a short walking distance to take photos in DUMBO, Brooklyn. It’s best to start on the Brooklyn Bridge. As the sun rises, it can be difficult to take photographs with the NYC skyline in the background.

For our session, we started on the bridge and made our way to Pebble Beach and finally to Washington Street, with the iconic view of the Manhattan Bridge in the background. It ended up being a perfect morning!BridgeBrooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos Alone

Capturing engagement photos at the Brooklyn Bridge requires getting up early. It’s worth it for images like this!

Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos Dave and Erin

Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos CloseDetail Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos Sun Glow

Look at that golden glow from the sunrise!

Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos Ring Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos NYC Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos Couple Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos Trees Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos CoupleBuildingsBrooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos CoupleBrooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos Almost KissManhattan Bridge

The classic view of the Manhattan Bridge is only a short walk from the Brooklyn Bridge entrance.

Pebble Beach is a great spot to see the downtown NYC skyline!


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